81 ford granada marquis (wiring and wiring diagrams)

The wiring was one of the most time consuming aspects of the whole build, whilst the original engine only had half a dozen wires the “new” one had well over eighty, Ford had made the job a whole lot easier though by using a small wiring harness with a couple of connectors to interface with the PCM and rest of the car. ¬†Even after the engine was wired in there was the air conditioning, reversing lights, immobiliser, speedometer/tachometer modules and new radio to consider.

Power relays and fuse boards

With all the extra power the new engine and various ancilleries need it would be very easy to overload the original Granada wiring, so I used a power distribution fuse baord on the side of the battery that contains 50amp & 30amp fuses as appropriate, a couple of relays switched by the OEM coil power wire and an auxillary fuse board under the left side dashboard to isolate the the “new” engine and all accessories from the original wiring.

PCM wiring diagrams and connector pinouts

Miscelleneous wiring diagrams

Here are a selection of other wiring diagrams