At Dereck’s MOT Centre we strive to provide quick and reliable MOTs for residents of Burnham, Highbridge and surrounding villages on all makes of cars and vans. MOTs are carried out by our reliable and experienced mechanics using the very latest approved test equipment, many loyal customers returning each year for an MOT since we opened our doors in 1987.

Classes of vehicle tested

We are authorised by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Licesing Authority) to test Class 4 vehicles, these are;

Three-wheeled vehicles weighing more than 450kg ULW (UnLaden Weight) – category L5
Quadricycles – category L6 or L7
Cars and Taxis – category M1
Minibuses, motor caravans, dual purpose vehicles and ambulances up to 12 passenger seats – category M1 or M2
American pickups up to 6500kg DGW (Design Gross Weight)
Goods vehicles not exceeding 3,000kg DGW – category N1

Vehhicle category can usually be found on the log book (V5 document)

Goods vehicles and motor homes

Due to constraints of our MOT bay layout and equipment we can only test good vehicles and motor caravans up to a maximum wheelbase (measured between wheel centres) of ~ 11′ 3″ (3.4 metres) and motor caravans with a maximum weight of  8818lbs (4000kg)

Quadricycles, ATVs and side by sides

There are two different categories of quadricycle, these are;

Light quadricycle (L6) – Four-wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 771lbs (350kg), max speed of 28mph (45km/h) and not over 50cc for a petrol engine or 5.3hp (4KW) for any other engine or electric motor

Quadricycle (L7) – Four-wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 881lbs (400kg) (1212lbs (550kg) for a goods vehicle) with a max net power of 20.1hp (15KW)

Notes about quadricycles, ATVs and side by sides

Some quadricycles or ATVs may be registered in categories T1 or T3 this is a tractor class which we are not authorised to test, vehicles in these categories may be exempt from having an MOT but should these vehicles need an MOT they must have a goods vehicle test at a DVSA goods testing station, information about the registration category can be found on your log book (V5 document)

If the vehicle is too heavy or powerful to qualify as an L7 quadricycle it is an M1 vehicle and must be tested as if it was a car, for example, it must meet the full lighting, brake efficiency and emissions requirements.

If presenting a quadricycle, ATV or side by side for a test you MUST bring your log book (V5 document), if your log book or the MOT testing computer does not show a category L6 or L7 and there is significant doubt about the power output or the weight of the vehicle, you MUST provide documentary evidence the vehicle qualifies as a category L7, for example;  A Yamaha 700 Raptor not shown as a category L7, you must provide documented evidence the engine power output is at or below 20.1hp (15kw).

Narrow vehicles

We cannot test vehicles with a width of less than 35″ (89cms) measured between the inside of the tyres, or vehicles with wide tyres measuring between tyre centres must be 40″ (102cms) or more.

Three wheeled vehicles

Unfornately we connot test three wheeled vehicles in category L5


Full MOT for a car or van       £54.85
Quadricycle                              £45.00
Retest                                        £15.00

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