81 ford granada marquis (Build Preparation)

At the beginning of January 2020 I started harvesting the parts required to turn a mild mannered Ford Granada into the Granada Marquis.  First removing the major items, engine, transmission, propshaft and wiring, before finally filling a couple boxes with clips, cables, pipework, assorted modules and miscellaneous parts  I thought may be required.

Reconditioning the engine and transmission

I sent the transmission to TES Transmissions LTD for reconditioning whilst I gave the engine a freshen up.  Obviously one thing led to another and a quick freshen up led to a partial overhaul including removing the cylinder heads for refacing, fitting new valve seals, new timing chains and other parts including;

  • Full gasket set including crank seals
  • New intake manifold
  • Under the intake heater hose
  • Water pump
  • Set of exhaust manifold stud
  • Head bolts
  • Power steering pump
  • Front end serpentine belt
  • Front end belt tensioner and idler pulleys

Whilst the engine was apart I also painted the engine block and oil pan

The engine and transmission ready to fit

more information about the ford granada marquis

Please follow the links below to find out how the 1981 Ford Granada Marquis was created. (Click on pictures to see at full size)