81 ford granada marquis (exhaust)

When it was time to get a custom exhaust made I loaded the Granada Marquis onto my car trailer, took about an hour and a half drive over the bridge to Abercarn, Wales to see Charlie at Pro-speed Exhausts, Charlie looked the job over, asked what sort of sound I wanted (I asked for quiet) and said he was quite busy so it would take a couple weeks, two weeks later I collected the car and it sounded great, with just enough of a deep understated V8 rumble to let the unwary know not all was what it seems.

The exhaust

Custom made stainless steel exhaust and for all the environmentalists out there it even retains the original Mercury catalytic convertors.  Owing to the close proximity of the power steering and brake pipes to the exhaust I protected them with some heat insulating sleeving and at the rear above the tailpipe protected the fuel lines with a aluminium heat shield.