Bason Bridge webcam status

Well sorry guys the lack of webcams is currently out of my control as there is no internet connection at the workshop, we have reported this porblem to the relevant authorities and have fingers crossed the webcams will be up and running again real soon.

STOP PRESS:  It seems the area surrounding the workshop (Bason Bridge, East Hunstpill) is without internet, not sure why but a guess would be a fault  with the infrastructure, currently I have no information when the fault is likely to be fixed. (Saturday 2nd December 2023 10:54am).


Welcome to the Bason Bridge webcams

The cameras are located on the front south east corner of the workshop with the left camera facing north east along Church Road and towards The Bason Bridge Inn and the right camera facing east along Factory Lane

Webcam errors

Webcams are active 24 hours a day, if webcams do not appear with “Channel not active” message or freeze it is because of an internet or server error, please try again later.

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