’94 Lincoln Mark viii

The Mark VIII was lamentably the last in a line of cars that can trace its heritage back to 1956. It was Lincoln’s flagship model; a rear wheel drive luxury sports coupe (LSC) bristling with cutting edge technology including a computer controlled air suspension system that lowered the ride height at higher speeds for increased stability (and more fun in the corners) to enhance the cars aerodynamics.

And high speed (with class) is what this car was all about, a 281ci (4605cc), DOHC, 32 valve all aluminum V8 engine (later adapted for the Ford Mustang) pushing out 280hp (290hp for the LSC with a faster gear ratio and true dual exhaust) under the hood could soon get you into trouble with the cops. The Mark’s interior was beautiful,  the LSC’s Euro-perforated leather seat inserts and wraparound cockpit really set off the cabin.