’74 vauxhall victor fe

The FE was the last of the Victors, it was the last Vauxhall to be produced independently of Opel and also briefly Britain’s most exported car to sales markets worldwide. Hindustan Motors of India continued to make the Victor under license up until 2002 but was marketed as the Contessa and based off the 1976 – 1978 VX model victor. The FE was considered a large family car at 179″ (4540 mm) long, 67″ (1700 mm) wide and 54″ (1400 mm) tall but was actually only a couple inches bigger than previous models mostly due to large bumpers. The FE came with a variety of engines from 1759 cc (107 ci) OHC inline 4 cylinder to 3294 cc (201 ci) pushrod inline 6 cylinder, it also came with varying trim levels badged as a Victor, Ventora, VX 4/90 (Four-Ninety) and VX1800/2300.