’58 Ford Fairlane


The Fairlane was produced by Ford from 1955  up until 1970 with the name being derived from Henry Ford’s estate, Fare Lane near Dearborn, Michigan. The car pictured here is a second generation Fairlane with a wider, lower, longer look and lower angled tail fins than the previous model. For the 1958 model year the Fairlane received a facelift with quad headlights, updated grill and a new big block V8 FE engine replaced the Y-Block V8 of previous models. This Fairlane has the new 5766 cc (352 ci) FE engine with an advertised 300 hp  and  380 lb/ft with an estimated weight of 3700 lbs (1670 kg) this wallowing chunk of American steel, glass and chrome was allegedly capable of 114mph (185 Km/h), bet it was an exciting ride flat out on its skinny cross-ply tyres.